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Australian owned and trading since the mid 1990's, we are looking for businesses that would like to work together as wholesalers, distributors, bulk buyers and retailers. Have a look at our Testimonials.

The battery range we supply are of the highest quality only. Price, performance packaging, service and reliability is what we offer. We hold very large amounts of stock, so you don't need to.

We are growing at a fast rate and would like to share our success with you long term.

If you would like to become a Distributor, Wholesaler, Bulk Battery supplier or battery stockist, please Contact Us today to know more!



Whether you need Alkaline batteries, Zinc Chloride batteries, Lithium batteries, Ni-MH batteries in AA batteries, AAA batteries, AAAA batteries, 9 Volt batteries, C batteries, D batteries, 6 Volt batteries, Coin batteries, Button batteries, Hearing Aid batteries, and Photo camera batteries, we have the battery for your needs.

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Battery Brands, Bulk Batteries, Carded Retail Batteries with Counter Stands or Floor Stands

Medium Power

Zinc Chloride AA and AAA Batteries Wincell Brand - Zinc Chloride, 3x less power than alkaline, great in lower power drain devices.

Ultra Alkaline

Ultra Alkaline AA and AAA Batteries Winmax Brand - Up to 400% more digital alkaline power.

Extreme Lithium

Extreme Lithium AA and AAA Batteries Suncell Brand - Lithium, lasts 6x longer than alkaline batteries


Battery Importer Australia Battery Importer, is able to supply a wide range of batteries and are able to supply any quantities your business requires.